Neighborhood Traffic Meeting: Oct 21st at 7pm

There will be a neighborhood conversation about traffic concerns in the Spencer Road area.  The goal is to gather, and then provide, neighborhood feedback to the City to take into consideration with the traffic study they are conducting and in advance of any road work or “improvement” that is completed on our streets.  It is important that safety, both vehicular and pedestrian, is taken into account, as well as existing neighborhood concerns.

This is only a conversation with neighbors and it is not with any City officials.  The goal is to get a neighborhood consensus on what we want to communicate to the City so that information can be passed along.

The meeting will be Tuesday, October 21st, at the TC Action Building (701 Spencer Road) at 7pm.  Residents of Spencer Road, South Meadow St Ext, Morris Heights Rd, and the bottom of Stone Quarry Road are all welcome to attend.

If you will not be able to make the meeting, but would like your feedback taken into account, please e-mail or call your neighbor Jean at 277-2978.

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