April SNRA Meeting This Sunday

Our next Spencer Road Neighborhood Association will be 10:00-11:30am, Sunday, April 28, 2019 at Tompkins Community Action (701 Spencer Road). (The Door is locked, ring doorbell for entry.)

Purpose of meeting:
We want to expand and organize our association for greater effectiveness, and to develop plans to address issues with the Spencer Road/Stone Quarry intersection and the 300 block of Spencer Road.


SRNA Organization

  • Brainstorming a mission statement (10 min)
  • Are elections necessary? If so, what should the roles, responsibilities, and terms be? (10 min)
  • Request more communication from the city, regular updates on Common Council and BPW meetings, and any items that get sent to other neighborhood organizations. (5 min)

Stone Quarry Intersection Punch List

  • Fixing drainage, painting, signage (5 min)
  • School buses (Where do they/should they run pickup/dropoffs?) (10 min)
  • Mail delivery (Weekday delivery sees mail truck driving on sidewalk and pedestrians forced to walk on street) (20 min)

300 Block of Spencer Road

  • Poor quality of road (15 min)
  • Traffic calming (15 min)
  • Develop dedicated turn-around on 300 block (5 min)

Planning Future Events (5 min total)

  • Spring cleanup is May 4 at 10:00AM, meet on the 400 block
  • The next meeting in May, date TBD, at the Tompkins County Public Library, to evaluate that as a meeting place
  • Summer block party

Upcoming SRNA Meetings

The South Hill Civic Association and the Spencer Road Neighborhood Association will be having a joint meeting Saturday, February 4th at 9:30am. It will be held at the South Hill Elementary School at 520 Hudson St in Ithaca.  (Please go to the front door of the school and ring the bell to be let in – the door will be closed.)  At the meeting, we will be discussing the Chainworks District, and traffic/sidewalk issues (including the approved plan to dead-end Spencer Rd at the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection).

The Spencer Road Neighborhood Association will be holding a meeting Sunday, March 19th at 10:00am at Panera (748 South Meadow St in Ithaca) to plan for our spring neighborhood clean-up (tentatively scheduled for May).

Upcoming Area Road Closures

Starting Monday, November 7th, Stone Quarry Rd will be closed to through traffic from the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection all the way up to King Rd for storm drain work.  It is anticipated to be closed through November 18th. For concerns and questions, call the City’s Streets & Facilities Division at (607) 272-1718.

The 200 block of Spencer St (the other side of the traffic circle from Spencer Rd) will be closed to through traffic November 7th-10th for water and sewer upgrades. For concerns or questions about this, call the City’s Water and Sewer Division at: (607) 272-1717.

Two Spencer Rd Projects on City’s Agenda For This Week

Two different Spencer Rd projects will be discussed at City board meetings this week:

  1. On Monday, Oct 24th at 4:45pm, the Board of Public Works will be voting on the proposed changes to the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection (and other associated changes on the 400 block of Spencer Rd and the Spencer Rd/South Meadow intersection). Unfortunately there does not appear to be detailed information about the proposed plan online, but the short of it is that Spencer Rd would be dead-ended at the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection and there will be some possible pedestrian improvements on the 400 block of Spencer Rd through the Spencer Rd/South Meadow intersection and along South Meadow St Ext. Here is the meeting’s agenda.
  2. On Tuesday, Oct 25th at 6pm, the Amici House project at 701 Spencer Rd will be discussed by the Planning and Development Board. More information about the project can be seen in the meeting’s agenda (large-size PDF).

Both meetings will be held in the 3rd floor meeting room of Ithaca City Hall (108 E Green St).

Board of Public Works Traffic/Sidewalk Discussion

As a part of their meeting on Monday, the Board of Public Works will be including a discussion on the three traffic/sidewalk options proposed from the Spencer Road traffic/sidewalk study.

The traffic/sidewalk study directly affects the 400 block of Spencer Rd, South Meadow St Ext, the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection, and the Spencer Rd/South Meadow intersection.

The meeting will be Monday, October 3rd starting at 4:45pm on the 3rd floor of City Hall (108 E Green St).

The meeting agenda could be viewed online here.

Spencer Road/South Meadow Sidewalk/Traffic Study Public Meeting

The City of Ithaca Engineering Office has scheduled a third public meeting to review three alternative designs for the Spencer Road Sidewalk and Traffic Study project. The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 6pm at the Oasis Fellowship Church at 808 South Meadow Street Extension. City staff will be in attendance to present the three alternatives that were selected at a neighborhood meeting in January. The desired outcome of the meeting is to preview the drawings before they are presented to the Board of Public Works and to provide one way for residents to provide feedback. Residents are also encouraged to provide direct feedback to the Board of Public Works once the project is presented to the Board. The three alternatives include:

  1.  Constructing sidewalk on one or both sides of Spencer Road (between Stone Quarry Road and South Meadow Street Extension) and a sidewalk on South Meadow Street Extension.
  2. Making the block of Spencer Road between Stone Quarry Road and South Meadow Street Extension into a one way street (could be westbound or eastbound), or
  3. Making the block of Spencer Road between Stone Quarry Road and South Meadow Street Extension into a dead end street, and only allowing Stone Quarry Road traffic to go to or from the roundabout at South Albany Street.

The study area covers the portion of Spencer Road from Stone Quarry Road to South Meadow Street Extension, and the extent of South Meadow Street Extension from Spencer Road to Old Elmira Road. The proposed scope of work is to design and construct sidewalks in the project area and to study and recommend possible intersection improvements at the three intersections included in the study area.

For additional information about this meeting, please feel free to contact Tim Logue, Director of Engineering Services at (607) 274-6535 or tlogue@cityofithaca.org.

Public Outreach for 2017 Sidewalk Program

Planned public outreach for the sidewalk program this year:

There will be a meeting for districts 4 and 5 (which includes the Spencer Road area) on Tuesday (6/7) at 5:30pm in the Borg Warner Conference Room at the Tompkins County Library.

There will also be an open house in Council Chambers at City Hall to discuss any of the sidewalk districts from 11am-1pm on Wednesday, June 15. The plan will be presented to the Disability Advisory Council and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council in the coming months. There will also be a separate meeting exclusively for accessibility concerns (date TBD).

These meetings are the first chance for people to provide input on our proposed 2017 work plan (being developed now), but not the only chance. The draft plan will go to the Board of Public Works for a public hearing on 8/8 and people are welcome to contact the Sidewalk Program Manager or Transportation Engineer with feedback.

Please note: John Licitra is the new sidewalk Program Manager. Eric Hathaway is now the Transportation Engineer for the City. John does not appear to have a listed email address, but Eric can be reached at: ehathaway@cityofithaca.org.