Public Outreach for 2017 Sidewalk Program

Planned public outreach for the sidewalk program this year:

There will be a meeting for districts 4 and 5 (which includes the Spencer Road area) on Tuesday (6/7) at 5:30pm in the Borg Warner Conference Room at the Tompkins County Library.

There will also be an open house in Council Chambers at City Hall to discuss any of the sidewalk districts from 11am-1pm on Wednesday, June 15. The plan will be presented to the Disability Advisory Council and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council in the coming months. There will also be a separate meeting exclusively for accessibility concerns (date TBD).

These meetings are the first chance for people to provide input on our proposed 2017 work plan (being developed now), but not the only chance. The draft plan will go to the Board of Public Works for a public hearing on 8/8 and people are welcome to contact the Sidewalk Program Manager or Transportation Engineer with feedback.

Please note: John Licitra is the new sidewalk Program Manager. Eric Hathaway is now the Transportation Engineer for the City. John does not appear to have a listed email address, but Eric can be reached at:

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