About the Spencer Road Neighborhood Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Spencer Road Neighborhood Association is:

  • To enhance the quality of life and residential environment,
  • To foster genuine inclusivity and appreciation of diversity,
  • To ensure that we receive high-quality services from the city,
  • To prevent deterioration in the neighborhood, and
  • To collaborate with other neighborhood associations on issues of common concern.

Members of the SRNA include all residents of Spencer Road, Morris Heights Road, Stone Quarry Road within the city limits, and South Meadow Street Extension. In addition, we will reach out to other neighborhood groups when our interests intersect.


Years ago, the residents of Spencer Road came together to form a group that could better advocate for the community on matters that were important to them, such as remedying the dangerous traffic conditions that existed on the street. It became a recognized neighborhood association by the City of Ithaca. Over the years, the group became inactive.

In 2014, a group of residents on Spencer Road elected to re-form and revitalize the neighborhood association with the mission of advocacy on issues currently affecting the Spencer Road community, including (but not limited to) dangerous traffic conditions, street/sidewalk issues, real estate developments, and zoning.

Get Involved

We will hold periodic meetings for neighbors to discuss concerns and share news.  Meetings will be announced on this website, and on the Spencer Road e-mail list.

If you are a resident of Spencer Road or near Spencer Rd, please feel free to join the e-mail list to and let your community know what is on your mind.  All neighbors are welcome. The Spencer Road Neighborhood Association covers Spencer Road, Morris Heights Rd, South Meadow Ext., and part of Stone Quarry Road. View a map.

If you have questions, or information to share, please contact us and let us know.