Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 16th – Neighborhood Picnic
Please come meet your neighbors!  We are having a picnic get together from 4pm-7pm at 503 Spencer Road.  Please bring a dish-to-pass and your own plateware/silverware, if possible.

Saturday, August 15th – Neighborhood Clean Up
Meet at the Spencer Road traffic triangle (where the 400 and the 500 block meet) at 10:30am to coordinate clean-up efforts.  Bring a garbage bag.  We will be cleaning Spencer Road, South Meadow Extension, and the lower part of Stone Quarry Road.

Wednesday, August 5th – Spencer Road Neighborhood Association Meeting
From 6:30pm-7:30pm at 503 Spencer Road.
Meeting to discuss: Upcoming picnic, neighborhood clean up day, and the neighborhood watch.

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