Another Successful Neighborhood Clean-Up

Ithaca Police Department members assisting with clean up

Many thanks to all those who helped with the clean-up of our neighborhood last weekend. Because of our work, our community looks better than it has since before the pandemic started. As things return to normal, we will again plan on having our clean-up events twice a year in the hope that we can maintain the progress we made today.

Special thanks are due to the members of the Ithaca Police Department who helped out last Saturday, many after working the night shift. Your efforts in gathering and hauling away two years’ work of debris were much appreciated!

Thanks also to our Common Council representatives, George McGonigal and Cynthia Brock. Your trash collection skills and continuing support of our neighborhood mean a lot.

For those who were unable to participate, you will have another chance in the Fall. We will hope to see you then.

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