Spencer Road Had High Vehicular Crash Rate in 2013

The Ithaca Voice just ran a piece about the recently released data from the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council‘s study on vehicular crash rates in Tompkins County.

The section of Spencer Road from the South Meadow St Extension intersection going south to Elmira Rd was ranked 11th for City of Ithaca streets in terms of crash rate (vehicular collisions measured per million vehicles).  This is interesting as the focus of our dialogue with the City about traffic safety improvements has thus far been focused on the north-end of Spencer Rd.

It should be noted that our neighboring street of Old Elmira Road was ranked as having the 8th highest crash rate in the City of Ithaca for 2013 and is ranked 6th in terms of crash severity.

Assault and Robbery on 500 Block of Spencer Road

The assault and robbery occurred last night, April 30th, at around 6:30pm.  Details below.

From the Ithaca Voice:

Around 6:24 p.m., Ithaca police responded to Spencer Road for a report of an assault and robbery.

There, they found a male victim who said he had been attacked by three Asian men about 15 minutes prior.

“The victim stated that he has had an altercation with the same males in the past, but they are otherwise unknown to him,” an IPD news release says.

“The victim stated that as he walked past the three males they attacked him by hitting and kicking him.”

The victim was hit in the back of the head and lost consciousness. He was also cut in the left arm.

The assailants were described as Asian males in their 20’s, wearing jeans and of thin build. One had a tattoo on the left side of his neck, the victim told police.

Anyone who has information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Ithaca Police. Police Dispatch: 607-272-3245

Source: Ithaca Voice – Assault by 3 on Ithaca’s Spencer Road knocks victim unconscious

HUD Needs to Recertify the Stone Quarry Apartment Project

Here is the most recent news article about the Stone Quarry Apartment project,published in the Ithaca Voice:
Feds Say Ithaca’s Low Income Housing Developers Didn’t Disclose Toxic Contamination

In light of the undisclosed toxic contamination at the site, the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency, which was going to give low income housing funds for this project, elected to make the City of Ithaca recomplete and resubmit their environmental assessment of this project for these funds.  HUD will need to recertify the project.

The City of Ithaca has, again, concluded that this project would have no negative environmental impact.  There is a 15 day window (ending August 27th) to give feedback to the City if you disagree with that conclusion.  After that, there will be a 15 day comment period with which feedback could be provided to HUD about the City’s environmental assessment.

If you would like to give feedback to the City of Ithaca about this project, it can be mailed to:

Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency
City of Ithaca
108 E Green St
Ithaca, NY 14850

Or it can be e-mailed to Lynn Truame at: LTruame@cityofithaca.org.

Contamination at 400 Spencer Rd

In an article published by the Ithaca Voice yesterday evening, it was revealed that there are toxic pollutants at 400-4006 Spencer Rd where the Stone Quarry Apartments are set to be built.  The site does not currently meet the standards for residential occupancy, due to the contamination, and will need to have remediation in order to bring the site up to state environmental standards.

More information can be found in the article here:
Major Toxic Pollutants Found at Stone Quarry Site

The Stone Quarry Apartments project is going before the Planning and Development Board this evening at 6pm (108 E. Green St).  If you are interested in sharing your opinion, please plan on attending this meeting (you will need to arrive prior to 6pm in order to sign up to speak) or e-mail you comments to Charles Pyott at: cpyott@cityofithaca.org and ask for them to the passed along to the PDB.

Update: After the PDB meeting, the Board voted to table to project until next month.

More news articles:

More detailed information about the contamination can be read in the Toxics Targeting Letter to the mayor: Final Construction Approval of the Stone Quarry Apartments Should be Withheld Due to Toxic Concerns

Times Article Regarding Stone Quarry Apartments and Letterhead

There was an article published in the Ithaca Times on Wednesday, June 4th, that spoke to the neighborhood’s and our common council representatives’ opposition to the Stone Quarry Apartments project and the mayor’s dissatisfaction that our alderpersons are advocating for the residents of their ward while using common council letterhead.

The article can be seen here: Ithaca Times – Ithaca Council Members Get Separate Stationery After Fracas.