Upcoming Area Road Closures

Starting Monday, November 7th, Stone Quarry Rd will be closed to through traffic from the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection all the way up to King Rd for storm drain work.  It is anticipated to be closed through November 18th. For concerns and questions, call the City’s Streets & Facilities Division at (607) 272-1718.

The 200 block of Spencer St (the other side of the traffic circle from Spencer Rd) will be closed to through traffic November 7th-10th for water and sewer upgrades. For concerns or questions about this, call the City’s Water and Sewer Division at: (607) 272-1717.

Two Spencer Rd Projects on City’s Agenda For This Week

Two different Spencer Rd projects will be discussed at City board meetings this week:

  1. On Monday, Oct 24th at 4:45pm, the Board of Public Works will be voting on the proposed changes to the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection (and other associated changes on the 400 block of Spencer Rd and the Spencer Rd/South Meadow intersection). Unfortunately there does not appear to be detailed information about the proposed plan online, but the short of it is that Spencer Rd would be dead-ended at the Spencer Rd/Stone Quarry Rd intersection and there will be some possible pedestrian improvements on the 400 block of Spencer Rd through the Spencer Rd/South Meadow intersection and along South Meadow St Ext. Here is the meeting’s agenda.
  2. On Tuesday, Oct 25th at 6pm, the Amici House project at 701 Spencer Rd will be discussed by the Planning and Development Board. More information about the project can be seen in the meeting’s agenda (large-size PDF).

Both meetings will be held in the 3rd floor meeting room of Ithaca City Hall (108 E Green St).

Meeting at TC Action About Proposed New Construction

Tompkins Community Action is hosting a meeting for neighbors and interested city reps to show plans for two new buildings they hope to construct at the end of Spencer Road.  One will be for Head Start class rooms, approximately where the two small houses next to where TCA’s main building is now, and the other would be housing for young people. This building would be attached to 701 Spencer, by its back. It is currently designed to have 23 studio apartments and be four stories tall.
This meeting is today, from 5 to 6pm at Tompkins Community Action, 701 Spencer Rd.  Snacks will be served.